P. Sivakumar* and S.Karthika

Department of Livestock Products Technology (Meat Science),
Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkkal – 637 002.
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
(*E – mail:
Received: 20-09-2018 Accepted: 26-10-2018

Dietary fibre is now being used as most common functional ingredients as fat replacer, volume enhancer, binder and stabilizer. Most people are more conscious about reduced fat in the diet, balanced protein sources and more importantly inclusion of recommended level of dietary fibres sources in the daily diet. Since meat is a rich source of various fatty acids and low in dietary fiber to increase the dietary fibre level a study was carried out to enrich the turkey meatball with oat as a dietary fibre. Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) birds above one year of age were slaughtered and deboned. The emulsion-based turkey meatball was prepared based on the standard procedure with the incorporation of oat fibre at 4, 7 and 10 per cent level by replacing the wheat flour at 3 percent level which was kept as control. The proximate analysis of turkey meat ball was carried out. The result revealed that moisture, crude protein, crude fibre, ether extract and gross energy values show high significant difference. Moisture was high in T1 compared to control. The crude fibre, crude protein and gross energy were high in T3, whereas ether extract was low in T3. Hence it was concluded that turkey meatball enriched with oats flour with 10 percent level has more Crude fibre, Crude fibre and Gross energy.
Keywords: Turkey meatball, Oats fibre , Emulsion , Proximate composition.

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