Volume 32 Issue 2 – 2018


  1. Enzymatic Nanomaterial Based Hybrid Sensors for Organo-Phosphate Neurotoxin Residue Detection: A Review.: Othman M. Hakami
  2. The proximate composition of turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) meatballs enriched with oats fibre.: Sivakumar and S. Karthika
  3. Cytological study for infected peoples with blood flagellate parasites in Iraq marshes. : Hind Mahdi Jarallah and Haider Izaati Aabad
  4. Status, population size and conservation of rhesus monkey, Macaca mulatta (Zimmerman, 1780) in Dumraon, Bihar, India.: Suday Prasad, Reyaz Ahmad and M. B. Thakur
  5. Effect of some hormones on metabolic rates in a freshwater fish, Mystus vittatus (Bloch).: Tulika Das and Vijay Kumar
  6. Studies on changes in haematological indices under different respiratory conditions in Channa gachua (Ham.).: Umesh Kumar Sharma and Vijay Kumar
  7. Check list of Ichthyofauna of Gobind sagar reservoir: years 2009-2013.: Krishan Lal and Anish Dua
  8. Seasonal variation of benthic macro-invertebrate diversity of Ropar wetland (Ramsar site) Punjab, India.: Onkar Singh Brraich and Saima Akhter
  9. Studies on biochemical constituents in some tissues of Labeo rohita (Ham.).: Azim Hussain and Parwez Ahmad
  10. Lambda cyhalothrin intoxication individually and in combination with piperonyl butoxide on the behaviour of Albino rats.: Archana Chaudhary, Sonia Goyal, Leena Bhardwaj and Abhishek Swami
  11. Endangered mangrove vegetation of Barringtonia racemosa reported from poovar south coast of India for conservation concern : Premjith, Prasanth and Jayasree, N. S
  12. Ameliorative potential of Melissa officinale against arsenic trioxide induced haematological and biochemical anomalies in fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch, 1793).: Shraddha Dwivedi and Sunil P. Trivedi
  13. An observation on the taxonomic composition, relative abundance and seasonal variation of Odonate (dragonflies and damselflies) fauna of Chaubatia garden Ranikhet, Almora, Uttarakhand, India.: Fasuil Farooq and Manoj Kumar Arya
  14. Fisheries co-operative societies and fish catch from Gobind sagar reservoir: years 2006 – 2012.: Krishan Lal and Anish Dua
  15. Vermi-composting potential of two endemic earthworm species Amynthas gracilis and Octolasion cyaneum of Kumaun Himalayas compared to Eisenia fetida (an exotic species).: Neha Rajwar, Satpal Singh Bisht and Vinay Singh
  16. Biochemical composition of carcass of Labeo rohita fingerlings fed with formulated diet having by-catch fish wastes as protein source.: B. C. Joshi
  17. Status of raptors in forest habitat in and around Nainital lake, Uttarakhand, India.: Vinay Singh, Satpal Singh Bisht and Neha Rajwar
  18. Further studies on three species of genus Euthrix meigen (Lepidoptera: Bombycoidea: Lasiocampidae) from north-west India.: Sujata Saini, Amritpal Singh Kaleka and Devinder Singh
  19. Importance of otolith microchemistryas pollution indicator: a brief review.: Neetu Nimesh and Seema Jain
  20. Delineating critical areas for ground water using gis-a case study of Bengaluru, India.: Parvathi Jayasankar and Sridar Babu M. N
  21. Effect of jasmonates on osmo-protectants in Brassica oleracea var. Italica, Capitata and Botrytis.: Geetika Sirhindi, Ruqia Mushtaq, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Shruti Kaushiq and Neha Dogra
  22. Species composition and prevalence of dust mites in flour mill of Dhanbad district, Jharkhand.: Manju Kumari Saw, Sudhir Krishna Bharati, Shailendra Kumar Sinha
  23. Forensic examination of goral samples seized under wildlife offence cases in India using DNA based techniques.: Malay Ashvin kumar Shukla, Bheem Dutt Joshi, Ved Prakash Kumar, Satish Kumar, Anil Kumar Mehta, Surendra Prakash Goyal
  24. Assessing the suitability of river water quality for irrigation- study of Bhima river from its origin to Ujjani reservoir in Pune district.: Dhere Amar M. and Pondhe Goraksh M
  25. Comparative study of Ultrastructural changes in the synovium of Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.: Deepti Bhatt, Amit Kumar Verma, Rameez Hasan, Shahbaz Khan, Vassiuddin Khan Syed Mansoor Ali and Kapil Dev
  26. Sex related variations in some hematological values of a freshwater catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch.).: Induja Mishra, B. D. Joshi and Namita Joshi
  27. Contemplating the role of IAP (inhibitor of apoptosis) proteins in cancer therapeutic target as inhibitor. : Yamini Goyal, Amit Kumar Verma, Kapil Dev
  28. Correlation between abiotic and biotic components of Ropar Wetland (Ramsar site) Punjab, India.: Onkar Singh Brraich and Saima Akhter
  29. A short term expedition of river Ganga: Part-I: Brief Eco-biology of river Ganga, with a note on Gangetic Dolphin: Between Varanasi to Farakka. : B. D. Joshi, Sushil Bhadula and Sandeep Singh Rawat
  30. Environmental repercussions of anthropogenic activities on water quality of river Ganga in Uttarakhand.: Matta, Gagan, Dhingra, G. K., Kumar, Avinash, Kumar, Pawan, Nayak, Anjali, Kumar, Naveen