Volume 28 Issue 1 (2014)


  1. Influence of 2, 4-d application on chlorophyll and sugar content in wheat leaves and its relationship with grain sugar content
  2. Evaluation of lacto-per-oxidase system for the preservation of raw milk.
  3. Ficus is the most dominant murophyte.
  4. In situ screening of plant growth promoting Bacillus subtilis and P. fluorescens from cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) rhizosphere.
  5. Alteration in the activity of glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase in the blood of a freshwater fish Labeo rohita induced by azodyes.
  6. Optimizing parameters for the preparation of pineapple juice added sweetened whey drink.
  7. Physico-chemical investigation on the Song River in Dehradun
  8. Economic characters of six different strains of eri silkworm (Samia ricini )
  9. Alteration in lactic dehydrogenase enzyme in the blood of a freshwater fish Labeo rohita induced by azodyes.
  10. Diversity and abundance of soil micro-arthropods in a subtropical forest in Uttarakhand.
  11. New record of fish diversity in the Luni river at Sanchore region of Rajasthan state
  12. Alteration in cholesterol level of hepatopancreas, gill and muscle of Macrobrachium lamarrei at acute and chronic exposure of flavone dyes
  13. Association of ambient air quality with resident’s lung function in Rohtak city, India.
  14. Toxic effect of Cr (Vi) on seed germination index (G.I) and seedling vigour index (V.I) in Helianthus annuus varieties.
  15. Periphyton community of Lake Nainital, Uttarakhand.
  16. Physico-chemical characteristics of sewage at different concentrations diluted with municipal tap water under laboratory conditions.
  17. Enzymatic saccharification of alkaline pre-treated pea hulls.
  18. Differential counts & cyto-morphological variations of blood corpuscles in the fish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch.) found infected with Trypanosomes .
  19. Distribution of total dissolved solids (TDS) in drinking water of Moradabad city, India.
  20. Species diversity and fluctuation in population density of Coleopteran insects of Shyampur forest range in the Shivalik foot hills, Haridwar, India.
  21. Diversity of fungi in untreated effluents of Aanchal dairy, Dehradun, India.
  22. Allelopathic influence of aqueous extract of Parthenium hysterphorus on initial growth of Brassica Oleracea.
  23. Use of different supplements for the production of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor caju) Singer
  24. Poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the ambient air of Rohtak city, India.
  25. Feeding potential of seven spotted ladybeetle, Coccinella septumpunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch.
  26. Effects of rice-wheat advanced production technology on carbon sequestration and green house gas emission.
  27. Water quality survey of the upstream river Ganges in Kanpur.
  28. Life history of common cutworm, Spodoptera litura (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) under laboratory conditions