JEBS Vol. 7 Issue 1 1993


  1. Antifertility And Antiestrogenic Actvit Of Aristolochia indica On Female Wister Rat : Pandey, Deepa, Bisht, Singh, Nabachandra, Y.
  2. Comparative Study Of Physico-Chemical Properties Of Two Reservoirs In Tamilnadu : Logaswamy. S. Pugalenthi, P. And Sivakumar, A. A.
  3. Effects Of Textile Effluents On Albino Rats With Reference To Their Haematological Parameters : Kurde, Sushama.
  4. Congo Red Induced Changes In The Haemato-Bochemistry Of The Albino Rat : Kurde, Sushama.
  5. Dynamics of biochemical constituents in relation to body weight of Channa striatus (Bloch) : Kumari , Jyotsna. Verma, P. K. Singh, A. K and Fasihuddin, Md.
  6. Fish and fisheries of the river Khoh at Kotdwara (Garhwal) : Rautela, Anand, S, Kala Satish and  Rautela , K. K.,
  7. Diurnal Variation In Activity Pattern Of Young Samabr Cirvus unicolar : Kar, Anand and Dulkar, R. K.
  8. The Relationship Between Seasonal Variation In Haematological Values And Oxygen Consumption In The Silver Carp, Hypothalmichthys molitrix : Singh,B. K., Chanchal, A. K., And Pandey, B. N.
  9. Influence Of Postnatal Treatment With Testosterone Propionate, Estradiol Benzoate And Tamoxifen On Hypothalamic LHRH, Pituitary LH, Lhrh Receptors And Its Responsiveness To Lhrh In Rats : Srivastava, S. S And  Dohler, K. D.
  10. Food And Feedings Habits Of Lepidocephalichthys guntea (Ham. & Buch) And Noemachilus botia (Ham. & Buch) Inhabiting Gadigarh Stream, Jammu: Dutta, S. P. S
  11. Haemoprotozoosis In Clarias batrachus (Linn.) From Freshwater Ponds Of Rohilkhand Region India : Gupta, N. And Saraswat ,H.
  12. Effects On Pesticides On Primary Production  In A Pond: Rajasree, P. V. And Sivakumar, A. A.
  13. Effects Of Forced Exercise On The Blood Of Channa punctatus (Bloch) : Saxena, K. K. And Chauhan, R. R. S.
  14. Phytoplankton Production In The Snow Fed River  Bhagirathi In The Garhwal Himalaya : Joshi, B. D., Pathak, J. K., Singh, Y. N., Bisht, R. C. S. And Joshi, N.
  15. Of The Physiochemical Characteristics Of River Bhagirathi In The Uplands Of Garhwal Himalaya : : Joshi, B. D., Pathak, J. K., Singh, Y. N., Bisht, R. C. S. And Joshi, P. C
  16. Some aspects of Physico-chemaical characterises of western Ganga canal near Jwalapur a Haridwar : Joshi, B. D. and  Bisht, R. C. S.
  17. Seasonal Variation In The Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of A Sewage Drain At Jwalapur : Joshi, B. D. And  Bisht, R. C. S.
  18. Haematological Studies On A Marine Fish :II Pampus argenteus (Pomfret):  Singh, Shila. And Banerjee, V.
  19. Glutanmate Dehydrogenase And Glutamine Synthetase In Brain Liver And Kidney Of Blue Rock Pigeon Columba Livia Gmelin : Syeda, K. N. And Nene, R. V.
  20. Sexual Dimorphism In Pseudecheneis sulcatus (M’cleiland): Bisht, K. L., Pandey, P. N., And Chopra, A. K.
  21. An Abnormal Specimen Of Schizothorax richardscnii (Grey & Hard) With Vertebral Deformity: Shekhar, C. And  Dutta, S. P. S.