JEBS Vol. 6 Issue 2 1992


  1. Ecology of the Singanallur pond at Coimbatore (Tamıl Nadu). Sivakumar, A.A., Lakeshmanaswamy, M., Iseyvani, A and Lakshmi, R.
  2. Distribution pattern of birds of Kangra Valley (Himachal Pradesh). Mahabal, A. and Sharma, T.R.
  3. Impact of viscose factory effluents on the water quality of the river Bhavani. Sivakumar, A.A, Lakeshmanaswamy, M., Lakshmi, R. and Iseyvani, A.
  4. On the female reproductive system of the mango leaf gall-midge Amradiplosis allahabadensis (Diptera Cecidomyiidae). Singh, Suman D.
  5. Problem of Contacting Animal Cells. De, S.
  6. Impact of Farakka barrage on the fishery of River Padma. Pandey, B.L.
  7. Seasonal changes in spermatogenic cells of house crow Corvus splendens (Vieillot). Dang, H.R. and Guraya. S.S.
  8. Impact of mercuric chloride on glycogen contents of fresh water gastropod Thiara tuberculata. Mule, M.B. and Lomte, V.S.
  9. Seasonal variations in glycogen and protein contents in liver and ovary of freshwater teleost Clarias batrachus (Bloch). Gupta, R.C. and Tripathi, V.K
  10. Effect of thiourea on RNA, DNA, protein and glycogen contents in liver and ovary of freshwater teleost Clarias batrachus (Bloch). Gupta, R.C. and Tripathi, V.K.
  11. A preliminary study on the post-mortem in some biochemical components of liver and muscles of the fish Tor putitora in relation to the bacterial population over the skin at refrigeration temperature. Joshi, B.D. and Pathania, V.
  12. A study of Minor Limno-biotic Components of River Bhagirathi from Garhwal Himalaya. Joshi, B.D., Pathak, J.K., Singh. Y.N. and Bisht, R.C.S.
  13. On the food spectrum of the Snowtrout (Schizothorax richardsoni) and the Mahseer (Tor tor) from River Bhagirathi in Garhwal Himalaya. Joshi, B.D., Pathak, J.K., Singh Y.N. and Bisht, R.C.S.
  14. Accumulation of heavy metals (Cu and Zn) from industrial effluents in some plants. Lekshmanaswamy, M. and Sivakumar, A.A
  15. Distribution of earthworms in different soils. Shanthi, A.C. and Sivakumar, A.A.
  16. Studies on seasonal-diurnal rhythm of some physico-chemical qualities of the River Pinder of Garhwal Himalaya. Bist, K.L. and Chopra, A.K.
  17. Electrophoretic characterization of testicular and epididymal fluid proteins and glycoproteins of male rat before and after administration of the Hibiscus rosa sinensis Flower Extracts. Singh, Y.N., Bisht, M. and Pandey, D.
  18. Effect of domestic sewage on microbiological characteristics of Ganga canal water at Jwalapur, Hardwar. Chopra, A.K. and Rehman, A.
  19. Finite element analysis of wave motion in chromosome. De, S.
  20. Time dependent behaviour of chromosome inside a living cell. De, S.