JEBS Vol. 6 Issue 1 1992


  1. Growth Parameters of Catla catla (Hamilton) : Johal, M.S. and Kingra, J S.
  2. Effect of shear and rotary inertia on the frequency analysis of Human Ulna De, S.
  3. Quantitative and frequency distribution of Collembola from different sites of Alaknanda valley of Garhwal Himalayas : Bisht, B.S. and Chattoraj, A.N.
  4. Effect of Dichlorvos on the testes of Albino Rats: A GLC study  : Bhangale, Chandrakant, Norton, S.P., Gupta, S.K., Bhatnagar, U. and Gupta, A.
  5. DDT induced polycythaemia in an Indian cat fish Clarias batrachus (Linn.) : Kumari, M. and Yadav, S.C.
  6. Glutamate dehyrogenase, glutamine synthetase and amino- transferases from brain, liver and kidney of growing chicks of Gallus domesticus : Syeda, K.N, and Nene, R.V.
  7. Acid phosphatase activity in the blood of Colisa fasciatus induced by azodyes : Gupta, R.C., Gupta, P. and Sharma, D.
  8. Alteration in blood alkaline phosphatase activity of two fresh water teleosts, induced by azodyes : Gupta, R.C., Gupta, P. and Joshi, B.D.
  9. Diurnal variations in locomotor, feeding and resting activities of semiwild and captive Sambar, Cirvus unicolor  : Kar, A. and Dulkar, R.K.
  10. Giant cocoon formation in univoltine race of mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori L; topically treated with juvenile hormone analogue ‘MANINA’ : Sharma, A.K.
  11. Disturbances in glycogen metabolite of few fresh water snails infected with larval trematodes : Srivastava, N., Nigam, S.C. and Chopra, A.K.
  12. The antiestrogenicity of Hibiscus rosa sinensis flowers on female Rats : Pandey, D., Bisht, M. and Singh, Y.N.
  13. Lipid components in six digenetic trematodes : Nigam, S.C.
  14. On some haematological changes in a hill-stream fish Tor putitora infected with trypanosomes : Joshi, B.D. and Sharma, T.
  15. Impact of CO and SO, on brain phosphatases in Funam- bulus pennant: A histochemical study : Chauhan, D.S. and Gautam, R.K.
  16. On the vibration of an abnormal gene in a cancer cell : De, S.
  17. A note on gross morphology of the alimentary canal of a hill-stream fish, Schizothorax richardsoni : Madhwal, B.P., Chopra, A.K. and Singh, H.R.
  18. Self-purification studies in soap factory effluents : Chona, M.K., Kapil, R. and Thakur, I.K.
  19. A random survey on the instances of fish diseases among the teleosts of Bhagirathi river system : Joshi, B.D., Tyagi, V.K. and Joshi, P.C.