JEBS Vol. 3 Issue 1 1989


  1. Histochemical localization of lipids, phospholipids and proteins in the diencephalic nuclei and fibre tracts of Barilius bendelisis (Him.): Singh, N., Singh, H. R. and Tandon, K. K.
  2. Morphological and anatomical studies on the digestive system of mature larva of Amradiplosis allahabadensis (Diptera: Cecidomyiidac): Singh, S. D.
  3. Re-examination of muscle fibre types in a mammalian diaphragm: Nene, R. V.
  4. Breeding of the Copper Mahseer Acrossocheilus hexagonolepis by hormone stimulation: Shrestha, T. K.
  5. Cadmium induced alterations in tissue distribution of essential trace metals in protein malnourished rats: Murthy, R. C., Ali, M. M., Jain, V. K. and Chandra, S. V.
  6. Perils of environmental pollution by pesticides: An_assessment through leucocytic and haemostatic response of a fresh water fish Clarias batrachus (Linn.): Kumari, M., Kumari, G. and Yadava, S. C.
  7. Atertic and discharged follicles in a hill stream teleost, Puntius dukai (Day): Joshi, K.D., Joshi, P.C. and Joshi, B.D.
  8. Effects of phosphine fumigated soyabean on albino rats: Shrivastava, N., Norton, S.P., Ojha, S. and Jain, S.
  9. Spawning in the crucian carp Carassius carassius (Linn.): Effects of photoperiod and temperature: Bhatt, S.D. and Pathak, J.K.
  10. Toxicity effects of methyl mercuric chloride on a few enzymes of energy metabolism of Puntius sophore at direct and trophic contamination: Dutt, D. and Sharma, A. K.
  11. Antagonistic effect of Epine phrine and norepinephrine on red chromatophores of the freshwater prawn, Mccrobrachium kistnensis: Nagabhushanam, R., Machale, P.R. and Sarojini, R.
  12. Mycoflora of cucurbitaceous crops and its effects on chlorophyll and productivity of host: Lohani, A.
  13. On Entamoeba planorbi sp. from Planorbis planorbis with Linnaeus a new report of Endamoeba blattae Butschli from Kashmir: Raina, M.K. and Kaul, A.
  14. Sporozoans from the seminal vesicles of Allolobophora foetida Savgny in Kashmir: Raina, M.K. and Kaul A.
  15. Toxicity studies of Sesban sesban and Tamarix dioca in house sparrow: Singh, S. P. and Jain P. C.
  16. Acid phosphatase activity in cysts of Giardia lamblia: Chopra, A.K. and Sharma, S.K.