JEBS Vol. 1 Issue 2 1987


  1. Effect of Lead Nitrate on some biochemical and enzymological parameters of Hereopneustes fossilis.  Sastry, K.V., Malik, D.S. and Sharma, S.N.
  2. Static bioassay with some freshwater teleosts exposed to urea. Singh, H.R., Dobriyal, A.K. and Pokhriyal, R.C.
  3. Effect of starvation on total serum proteins level of freshwater catfish Clarias batrachus. Chandra, S.
  4. Sex related haematological values of Gallus domesticus. Rautela, M.S. and Joshi, B.D.
  5. Histoenzymological mapping of acid and alkaline phosphatase in the telencephalon of hillstream teleost Barilius bendelisis (Hamilton). Singh, N. and Singh, H.R.
  6. New polymorphic trypanosomes from two freshwater fishes. Gupta, D.K., Gupta N. and Yadav, P.
  7. Cyto-morphological classification and key to the identification of normal circulating blood corpuscles of freshwater teleosts. Joshi, B.D.
  8. Some biochemical alterations in liver and kidney of Clarias batrachus in response to arsenic administration. Sharma, S.D. and Maya.
  9. Malaria infection in and around BHEL locality of Haridwar. Chopra, A.K. and Kumar, P.
  10. Parasitic ratio of Hoplolaimus indicus Sher, 1963 Hoplolaimidae Filipjev, 1934 (Weiser, 1953) around three important fruit crops. Dwivedi, B.K.
  11. Cyclic activities of the adrenocortical tissue in relation to gonadal maturation in a catfish Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus). Das, R.C.
  12. Cyclic changes in erythrocyte related blood parameters in Bufo melanostictus. Sinha, P.K. and Banerjee, V.