JEBS Vol. 1 Issue 1 1987


  1. Mass Production of Advanced Fry of Common Crap. Singh, C.S. and Singh, U.P.
  2. Composition and Trophic Structure of Insect Community in a Temperate Grassland. Kaushal, B.R. and Joshi, P.C.
  3. Environmental Effects on the Reproductive Function of the Yellow- Finned Mahseer of the Kumaun Himalaya. Bhatt, S.D. and Bisht, Y.
  4. Morphometric Characters and their relationship in the hillstream Loach, Noemacheilus montanus. Dobariyal, A.K. and Bahuguna, A.K.
  5. Alterations in Alkaline Phosphatase level in different tissues of a fresh water teleost Colisa fasciatus under the stress of azodyes. Gupta, R.C. and Sharma, D.
  6. Changes in some blood values of Clarias batrachus exposed to Lead Nitrate. Joshi, B.D.
  7. Pituitary histomorphology in a teleost Mastacembelus armatus (Lacepede). Das, R.C.
  8. Carbohydrate variations induced by albumen gland and hepatopancreas homogenates in a land snail Cerastus moussonianus. Kulkarni, A.B., Bhatlawande, S.B. and Jawalikar, D.D.
  9. Analysis of environmental interaction between phytonematodes and Psidium guajava in an Indian sub-humid region IV: Influence of soil moisture and pH on population dynamics of Tylenchorhynchus brassicae. Dwivedi, B.K., Shukla, R.C. and Misra, S.L.
  10. Studies on the neurosecretion of Thoracic Ganglia in relation to testicular maturation of thee panaeid prawn Matapenaeus affinis. Sarojini, R., Rao, S.S., Laxmi, K.J. and Nagabhushanam, R.