JEBS VOL 34 (1) JUNE 2020



1. Evaluation of Effect of Powdered Plant Extracts on Total Protein of the Insect Pest Sitophilus oryzae: S. N. BHALERAO DocID: 03843.2020.34.1

2. DNA Damage Assessment in Imidacloprid Treated Albino Mice using Comet Assay: AJAY KUMAR, MONIKA TOMAR, JYOTI CHAHAL, KAVITA SHARMA, POONAM, MONIKA BHARDWAJ, SUDHIR K. KATARIA 
DocID: 03843.2020.34.5

3. A Geospatial Techniques Approach for Land Use and Land Cover Change Analysis in Barwala Town and
Surroundings, Panchkula District, Haryana: ANUP KUMAR, YUKTA, V. S. ARYA
DocID: 03843.2020.34.11

4. Assessment of Soil-inhabiting Microarthropods Population in Relation to Edaphic Factors in a Monoculture Plantation: RAJEEB CHETIA PATOR, DULAL CHANDRA RAY
DocID: 03843.2020.34.15

5. A New Species of Genus Oxyopes from Haryana, India: VIVEK GOYAL, VINAY MALIK
DocID: 03843.2020.34.21

4. CUSO4- and ZNSO4-Induced Histological Alterations on Alimentary Canal of Earthworms Species Eudriluseugeniae: D. S. PATIL, B. C. MORE 
DocID: 03843.2020.34.23

5. Morphological and Taxonomical Descriptions of Oenopia sauzeti (Mul.) and Oenopia kirbyi (Mul.)
(Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) Reported from District Dehradun Uttarakhand, India: PUSHPENDRA K. SHARMA, PRAKASH CHANDRA JOSHI
DocID: 03843.2020.34.29

6. Geographical Information System Aided Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking Purpose in Sonipat District of State of Haryana: ANUP KUMAR, SHUBHAM SHARMA, O. P. THAKUR, V. S. ARYA
DocID: 03843.2020.34.33

7. Physicochemical Characteristics of Tumaria Reservoir at Four Selected Sites: A Comparative Study: PRAMOD KUMAR, RADHE SHYAM, SMITA BADOLA
DocID: 03843.2020.34.41

8. First Reports of Collembola (Spring Tails) (Insecta: Apterygota) From Delhi (India): PUSHPENDRA KUMAR SHARMA, PRAKASH CHANDRA JOSHI, D. K. SINGH
DocID: 03843.2020.34.45

9. Effect of Supplementation of Chelated Zinc on Milk Production in Lactating Cows: ROSHAN RAJESH, S. SENTHILKUMAR, P. C. SAKTHIVEL, N. MUTHUSAMY, A. NATARAJAN, M. R. PURUSHOTHAMAN, P. VASANTHAKUMAR, S. R. JANANI
DocID: 03843.2020.34.49

10. Analyzing the Water Quality of River Sip: A Tributary of River Narmada: KULDEEP LAKHERA, PARUL GURJAR, VIPIN VYAS
DocID: 03843.2020.34.53

11. Studies on Ichthyofaunal diversity from River Sip, a Tributary of River Narmada: PARUL GURJAR, KULDEEP LAKHERA, VIPIN VYAS, RUMEET KAUR RAINA, KRIPAL VISHWAKARMA
DocID: 03843.2020.34.59

12. Diversity of Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in Kota, Rajasthan (India): SANDEEP HOODA NITA JAIN
DocID: 03843.2020.34.65

13. Analysis of Toxicant Metabolites in Plasma of Common Carp Induced by Zinc Pyrithione and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid: VISHAL RAJPUT, SUKRITI BADOLA, RICHA GAUR 
DocID: 03843.2020.34.69

14. Demographic Pattern of Semnopithecus entellus Around Jodhpur (India) during 2017–2018: ARJUN SINGH, L. S. RAJPUROHIT
DocID: 03843.2020.34.73

15. Correlation Study on Various Growth Parameters in Five Different Spp. of Bamboo Culms in Uttarakhand State of India: ANJULI AGARWAL
DocID: 03843.2020.34.81